Selayang Metal Industries Sdn Bhd

Selayang Metal Industries Sdn Bhd is the largest producer of cast and extruded lead products in Malaysia.

What we do

Manufacturing lead and tin products in a variety of alloy compositions

In Operation since 1980

With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing lead and tin product in a variety of alloy compositions. Selayang Metal Industries Sdn Bhd is the largest producer of cast and iron extruded lead products in Malaysia.

  • Speciality Anodes
  • Sailboat & Yacht Accessories
  • Radioation Containment Equipment
  • Seismic Location Bearing Components
  • Special Lead, Anitmony & Tin Alloy Castings
  • Lead & Lead Alloy Casting / Profiles
  • Lead in Chemical Industry 
  • Small Parts in Lead or Lead Alloys

Quality assurance

Quality is our top priority 

Meticulous quality control are practived at every stage of production. With latest machinery and state of the art technologies, our client are assured of a high standard quality control in every aspect of the prodution process. Using computerised analytical technology, we achieved high precision and maximum efficiency in producing quality products, assuring unsurpassed reliabiligy and services of the highest order. Only the final products that meet all our stringent quality checks are supplied to our customers. Qualtity assurance is our commitment to our clients.

As A business partner

We strive for excellence in services

We are reputed to be excellent in our service mainly from various multinational organisastions. Combining advance technology, expertise and effective management, we strive to maintain high standards and produce top quality products to cater for the demands in both local and foreign markets. Working closely with our clients in creating and enhancing a long term relationship that can only strengthen our stance as we progress into the future together.

We work together with our clients and provide suggestions when casting new products to ensure our product meets their expectations.

Our customers can rest assured that our product is free from dross and other undesirable inclusions.

We have in-house testing facility to ensure we get the right composition for every batch of alloy we produce.

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