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Manufacturing of variety lead and tin products in a variety of alloy compositions

500 & 100 Tonnes extruder

Selayang Metal Industries Sdn Bhd anodes are extruded under high pressure which results in an extremely compact anode with uniform surface and are denser than cast anodes. Cast anodes will have microscopic dross and air bubbles inclusions which may cause localized electrical activities resulting in the anode snapping off prematurely resulting in costly downtime in retrieving and replacing the anodes. The unevenness of the cast surface will also result in uneven wear on the anodes.

quality control

Our top priority is quality. At Selayang Metal Industries Sdn Bhd, we use pure metals in the production of our range of anodes. To ensure consistent quality, we purchase the following raw materials from reliable sources for the production of our anodes:-

1.Pure lead, minimum 99.97 % purity.

2.Pure tin, minimum 99.85 % purity.

3.Pure antimony, minimum 99.70 % purity.

We use our in-house testing facility equipped with a unit of Magellan Optical Emission Spectrometer and a range of Certified Reference Materials extensively for our incoming raw materials and outgoing products.

Analytical reports are provided upon requests.

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